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Fever dreams

The lake's cool water always had a calming effect on the huntress. Sitting casually on a small boulder, she gazed upon the sunrise in longing. The rock was her only home, in an odd way. It was the only place she ever felt grounded. Her bow, the last gift from her father, lay on her knees. Phaewyn plucked at the string as she thought; her brow furrowed as memories flooded her restless mind.

"Per'aps 'ad I listened to Tess fo' once, not gone to Trestlebridge with the others... Wha' am I sayin'? Tha' ain't 'ave happened, no matter if I knew I'd be sick from it," she muttered to herself.

I could hardly hear the voices over the pounding of my heart. My hand felt cold on the door's handle. I knew I had to open it, yet fear left me frozen. 

"Maybe I ain't have got fever if I slept indoors like a normal folk... I hate roofs. Damn me!"

The walls seemed to close around me as a snuck down the hall. Mumbling came from nearby rooms, chilling me to the bone. A single sound, and I was done for. I did not even have a plan. What was I doing here?

The huntress shivered on her seat; she pulled out her feet from the waters. Her boots stood, waiting, next to her, yet she did not slip them on immediately. Instead, she rubbed her eyes, trying to dissipate the twisted dreams from her thoughts in vain.

The smoke burned my throat and pulled tears from my eyes. I felt the heat of the flames lick the back of my legs as I ran. Shouts from all sides hit my head like nails. I fled blindly, my eyes half-closed. I sensed the wind of hands nearly grabbing me from all sides. Suddenly, cold. Freezing wind howled its protests in my ears. I peeled my eyes open best I could. The flames in my back drew shadows upon the road. They twisted and turned. Spiders.

"Piece of arse! I thought I'd be able t'let tha' go... Damned fever dreams, bringin' tha' back. I need to run, hunt, wha'ever changes my thoughts fro' this," Phaewyn exclaimed, slipping on her boots in a rush. She stood up; her eyes lingered on her stone for a moment. She sighed and ran off, bow in hand, towards the Chet.