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Complete Shock

Things had gotten to quite a surprise. I was pretty much speechless through the time of being in Bree.


It all started of when I had started to go outside when Richard had stopped me in the Pony, asking for Corrben. Not wanting to have him know who I was, I had worked with my disguise as being the mute scholar Orander. I shook his head and watched him go to the back before rushing outside. Though when I was considering of where to go, he stopped me again, this time suspicious of me, calling me as one to be the "accomplice." Did they truly see me as such? I shook my head once again, pretending to not know who he was talking about. As soon as he left, I went south. It was high time for me to meet up with Corrben and hopefully not run into Richard or Adalbart.

As soon as I got there, my body froze. I saw the man who claimed himself to be Jack Snip (who I knew that it was Aallan) revealed himself to Corrben and Tholorast as the man that they were seeking. I watched as the two shackled Aallan and took him into a cell. There, Aallan had done his confession to the two. When he had admitted to me, Corrben had made a mention about me despite of him embarrassing the living hell out of me due to.... Well, "how I was" is probably of how I could explain it. Though I was still his cousin. I felt embarrassed though offended and even more when Aallan had said that I was more rash and impulsive than him to where Corrben had said that I feel more than I think. I wanted to tell them off but I wasn't going to interrupt and get myself into probable trouble as well. Aallan had continued on of the ordeal with his jerk of a father. Corrben had offered that even though that Aallan would be in jail for the time being, Richard wouldn't be allowed anywhere near his cell. What did surprise me was when Aallan had asked not to have me in a jail and that I was not an accomplice that Richard and perhaps Adalbart thought I was, Corrben had said that he would try not to have me more involved. Did he actually care all this time no matter that our last actual talk without any of this happening didn't go as well?

The next thing I knew is of Tholorast walking up to me, Corrben following suit. I had no choice but to reveal myself to them. I admitted to them that I felt more at ease that it was them who was doing this part of their job rather than Adalbart. Corrben then said that he had seen my own job poster and that was pretty much the one thing that he wanted to talk to me about. Right... With all that was going on, I sort of forgot. He invited me to his home so we could talk there soon. I thought that he meant of the actual house but he brought up the farm. Am I truly worthy of going to such a place despite of the tension between us? Not wanting him to know what I thought such as that, I only agreed before promising Aallan that I would visit him soon. I left to go home after that and burned the fake beard that I had bought.


Truthfully, I am still shocked by the turn of events. Even more shocked still of Corrben's invitation. Not only that but I am rather nervous yet excited at the same time. Okay, Dryn. You can do this and make sure you don't screw up. Don't look flashy, look casual. ...I suppose I'm more nervous than I thought. Anyways, with all this being said and knowing that Richard wouldn't ever get his hands on this, the last thing that I am going to say is: You lost, Richard. You can no longer give hell to us and you can no longer give hell to Aallan.