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Prisoner #937: Aallan Scarlet (Released)



Aallan Scarlet


Phyiscal appearance:
Arrived in a flashy disguise-- blue pants, fancy cap, bright shirt and a blue cloak.

Medium length dark hair, bare face. Changed into red garments-- leather pauldrons, hauberk, deep red hood which covers some part of face. Leather boots, tracking mud and dirt. Held up well.

Details of arrest:

Prisoner turned himself in for the purpose of "explaining" his crimes.

Charges withstanding, yet include:

  • Murder
  • Burglary
  • Assault

Claimed by Richard, father of Aallan (last name seems to be lost in the records.)

Note: Prisoner is contained in cell with no weapons or implements, shackled to wall of cell. Note to any Watcher reading over this: be wary of his tricks and manipulation. Should an upstanding individual testify for the wellness of his character, some charges may be dropped-- however, severe punishment is looking imminent. Two guards are assigned to his cell, and at the gate-- we do not want his father interfering any longer.

Length of sentence:

Indefinitely, till trials conclude on a different note.


Conclusive punishment:
Banishment from Bree-town.