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Page 7. Plan Part 2.

I am still trying to befriend people, so that I'd have some men or women to carry my father's coffin when he finally allows himself to die.

Case 5. Raemond
Mission description: I found a foreign healer by chance.
Outcome description: He got my humour for the most parts, but he also left abruptly. I think it's possible I smell bad.
Potential problems: He doesn't use leeches as a method of healing. It's fairly possible he is a bit cracked. Why would he -not- use leeches?!
Potential solutions: I could introduce him some of my leeches. Maybe little Becky and Tim. They have amazingly delicate sucking abilities.

Case 6. Some foreign man in Raemond's company
Mission description: He was there and tried to flirt with me.
Outcome description: I insulted his child spawning tool and he left.
Potential problems: He cries himself to sleep?
Potential solutions: I could offer him some free napkins? Cookies and milk?

Case 7. Tyle
Mission description: A girl from Combe I remembered from youth, went to talk to her.
Outcome description: Success. She recalls my father almost fondly. A likely candidate to carry his coffin. She also seems dutiful, willing to help, filled with desire to be useful. Perfect.
Potential problems: None.

Case 8. Nygell
Mission description: He was belching and coughing at a public place like it'd be the purpose of his life. It's possible he has caught something serious.
Outcome description: Is it ethical to make a half-dead man to carry a dead man's coffin?
Potential problems: He kicks the bucket before my father.
Potential solutions: I delivered him strong peppermint oils and lobelia potion.