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Osgiliath Campaign: Amidst flames.

''We are on our first steps towards the bridge. We had been told once we reach it the forces of Minas Tirith would breach the west side. With that, we will be able to create and opening channel and a hole in the forces of Mordor occupying the city. However, we are not there yet. We are under heavy fire.''

Recording of the process stops here, where Aelidan was no longer able to write, as he had to do something. The enemy was aware of the location where Aelidan approximately camped. Moreover, it was not just Aelidan, not a single fool will head to Osgiliath alone. As well as plan to retake the bridge. There were about 4 squads of rangers distributed all around the monument and the road to Minas Morgul. They could not put their feet anywhere closer than that. Arrows were flying all directions towards them as they took cover behind rocks, fences, trees and bodies of those who were already killed. There was nothing else to hide behind, and even if the sight of a dead, decaying body, disgusted you have to hide behind it. Otherwise, you become one of them.

It was night, bucket raining and dead cold. But nothing could put out flames of arrows and fire around the forest and City. Once great monument turned into rubble covered with arrows. A disgraceful way to humiliate culture.  

“We cannot proceed further! Fall b-‘’

The last words of Hallow, assistant captain of the second division deployed at Osgiliath. He tried to save the rest, but exposed himself to a merciless shot. All Aelidan saw is his blood spitting out of his body on a scenery of fire. Then it fell down, motionlessly. He felt a slight shimmer in his neck. Something clogged his throat. A ball of fear. Hallow gone in a second. A realization that one can lose his life in a blink of an eye hit him hard in his head. East gate was impossible to breach, he thought. Why are they even trying?

“Relocate to another checkpoint! Relocate to another checkpoint! Relocate t-“

That was Hut. Current captain of the third division. Abrupt stop was causes by an orc who jumped him from uphill. It took him several moments to behead the creature, letting it’s head roll further down.

‘’You’ve heard me! Relocate! Now!’’

At this point there were several captains on the field. From all four squads. Unfortunately by the time Hut spoke only 2 were alive. Harrow was the last assistant to fall. As soon as Aelidan started retreating with the rest of his first squad, There was no sign of attacking as he fled. Rangers actually decided to retreat at last. The next checkpoint was a bit further south. It was marked with a small camp and barricades, in case forces of Mordor decide to chase. But Mordor is not that stupid. As long as they have free way through North Ithilien and opened area at Osgiliath – they protect those objectives. The rest is not needed.

In about three minutes the remaining squad got ambushed. Interfering orc load jumped them, they had to fight. It took Aelidan several seconds to coordinate what he was going to do. He shot already nocked arrow in the first approaching. Then he unleashed his dagger, to cut the second one. After that – a moment of breather. He starting thinking of what is going to happen next. He ran to still alive Mablung, captain of his squad. First squad. With some gestures he tried to explain his idea as Stan tried to understand. After several moments, he nodded his head in full agreement.


“Split! Remaining squads split! Scatter to different checkpoints! Lose tails and regather to Bar Hurin!’’

What happened here? Aelidan knew that if all the rangers will head the same direction – the hideout will be known to the enemy. They had to split in order to eliminate a chance of reveal. First squad headed to the west, looking for ruins or any shelter. They did not have a tail after them. That means that some other squad has. By that time there were only nine of them left. Nine got out. But eleven did not. Mablung was calm and peaceful, as if nothing happened. As if those lives did not mean anything. Aelidan was not concerned. He knew Mablung and his nature. You can’t mourn every person you lose in Ithilien. Everyone has to move on quickly, because broken warriors are no warriors on the field. This day most of Rangers disappeared amidst flames.