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Dwarves Night Out with The White Flames

Those furry, long-haired hippie-dwarves with a long beard sure do like music. How do I know? They have a Dwarves Night Out in Frerin’s Court where they listen to music. The White Flames are coming up next Monday!

Date:April 10th, 2017
Time:20:30 CET / 19:30 UK time / 2.30 pm Server time
Location:Frerin’s Court in Thorin’s Gate, by the statue

Event details:

The White Flames are proud to announce “Furry Jazz Concert” at the statue in Frerin’s Court in Thorin’s Gate (Ered Luin).

Put on your fake beard or a funky hat and join The White Flames on a concert with some jazzy songs. Performing an assortment of music to make your jazz blood boil in your veins, The White Flames will play for around 1,5 hours, and hope you will join them in what's sure to be a cosy-good time.

OOC details:

((The White Flames is a band with members from Order of the White Flame, a mixed kinship which is active and open to all kinds of activities. The White Flames play songs only arranged by kinship members. Known music makers in The White Flames are Aifel, Trincia, Finsamidor, and Stuckfast. On the Dwarves Night Out we will play songs arranged for 6 or more instruments by Trincia, Aifel and Finsamidor.

The White Flames prefer doing themed concerts, like some of the recent: “Jazz”, “Knuffelrock”, “Halloween”, “White Flames plays Zappa”, “Dance” “Laterna Magica”, “A Tribute to Queen”. The White Flames have performed at OAKS, the Yard Party, Archet Aid 2015, Day On The Greenfield on Landroval 2016 and on Weatherstock 2016 besides their own concerts.

Don’t miss The White Flames if you want to hear some really good, flaming hot music! ))




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