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A step in the right direction

Tonight was more fruitful than I expected.  Stopping by the Pony once more, I noticed Dryn and Velvette conversing about something.  The discussion seemed to be something concerning Angmarim, and that was my que to chip in.  Apparently, two siblings from there came here for some reason.  The two being a vicious sister and a more reserved brother.  The former is usually in a black and silver robe, while the latter wears a red robe from what Velve told me.  At first I presumed the red robed bloke to be the same sorcerer who attacked me weeks ago.  Dryn and I then went inside the Pony's back room, where we talked about how my friends really trust me despite how harsh they might come across according to him.  I still have doubts, though Dryn has a point.  Even if I can't have their trust, I shouldn't forget they care for me at least a little... Dufr, Bryn, and Cesistya especially.


Later on, I received a letter from an odd man named Elliad, who asked to meet me outside of the Pony.  I rode over, and we chatted after hesitation from him, from what I could tell.  I can only guess Velve informed him about our curiosity about him.  He of course confirmed what Velvette told me about his sister, though that does get me thinking fo something.  Would she have connections to eradicating those still loyal to Sharkey, perhaps reluctantly working to unite the deserters of the White Hand and Angmar's forces, or possibly both?  Despite Elliad's protestations otherwise, I'm certain they can both help me track down the mastermind behind the idea of an alliance of the crown and the hand.  Time will only tell.