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The Doctor Is In!

((The poster seems to be placed around town to try and counteract all the sell-sword advertisements, wanted posters and all others depicting violence))

The Doctor is in!
Skilled surgeon doctor and herbalist hailing from Gondor.
Now residing in Bree to tend to all peoples needs and ailments.
Doctor Merhast can be reached and located at his residence of 4 Long Street, in the village of Ridgeborogh, South of Bree-town; or frequenting the Prancing Pony Inn.
Pay what you can, no set fees or unobtainable prices.
Special note: Leech treatment must be requested if desired due to a fond dislike of them.

((Contact me via in game letter or tell, or message over LA if you would like to arrange something, otherwise seek out Doctor Merhast in game))

Bree Town