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Nost-na-Lothion - Birth of Flowers

Yet in its time a spring of wondrous glory melted the skirts of those white mantles and the valley drank the waters and burst into flowers. So came and passed with revelry of children the festival of Nost-na-Lothion or the Birth of Flowers.

-Book of Lost Tales 2

Date:May 7th, 2017
Time:3:00 pm server time
Location:Meadow outside Duillond

Event details:

The elves of Ered Luin are coming together to celebrate the festival of Nost-na-Lothion by revelling under trees and in fields abundant with blossoming flowers. Occasionally, an elf strikes up a song with their lute or harp, while those listening let their feet carry them into dance among the petals drifting on the wind. Some have brought wine and food to share with their kin while others have brought their fishing rods to spend a leisurely afternoon fishing in the pond.

OOC details:

Come enjoy Nost-na-Lothion, a festival celebrating the birth of flowers in spring, which was originally held in Tolkien’s fair elven city of Gondolin in the First Age.

This is a flower-themed celebration, so please obtain a [Sack of Petals] at the Spring Festival and bring it to the event to participate in a showering of flower petals at the end! We encourage everyone to bring other flower-related cosmetics and consumables (Giant Flower, White Rose Circlet, Simbelmynë Circlet, Circlet of Fresh-picked Flowers, Foxglove, Iris, Wood-lily, etc.) as well, to enjoy the event.

Everyone is also welcome to bring their instruments and music, but please be mindful of the conversations during the event if you decide to use lyrics in your songs. There is also a pond at the event location for those who would like to fish, so remember to bring your fishing rods!

All players are free to attend, but as we want to remain true to the lore, please bring an elven character. Celondim is the starter area, so a quick roll through the intro with an elf character should enable anyone to attend even if they don’t have an elf character currently.

The event location is in the meadow with a pond, near the stone resurrection circle outside of Duillond. If you are starting in Celondim, walk towards Duillond and it will be on the left side of the path before you enter Duillond.

This is another seasonal event to encourage more RP in the Ered Luin area for elves, so join us for a good time and to meet other elven RPers on the server.



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