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Silver Key of the Crown

(This is the key found in the Tomb of Maenadar from some time ago.)

Below is a little entry on a sheet of parchment

    Just a night ago, Raven returned the key to me after apparently excising four fell-spirits from it.  As of now, I can only wonder what this key was meant to open... a chest, door, or something else.  The missive I still have from the robbery did say something about a foundation.  I must investigate this further by starting at Ost Barandor in the Brandy Hills.  On the note of the men of Sharkey who went with the sorcerer, I wonder if Angmar and its masters ever intended to allow Sharkey's Men to live with their little "alliance".

    I admit, I truly want to see this whole affair through.  I don't want to do this alone however, as I'll ask for Dufr and Lockewood's help.  At least with the three of us, we'll have a better chance of survival in Angmar if the need to venture there arises.  Besides, I'd rather not see those I see in the Pony get kidnapped or killed.