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Minas Tirith Sunday!

Often held at what is called the Splinter Shield in the Soldiers Tier of Minas Tirith, every Sunday anyone in the city of Minas Tirith is welcome to come join along for casual RP.  Bring music, poetry, stories, and friendly conversations with you for a friendly time.  Soldiers, blacksmiths, servants, maids, and so on are all welcome.  From dining and socialising among the High Command in the common tavern to gambling with the fighting young soldiers below the pantry, feel free to enjoy many different types of people.  

Date:February 19th, 2017 - February 18th, 2018
Time:4:00pm Servertime (EST)
Location:Splintered Shield, Minas Tirith, Gondor

Event details:

Men and women of Minas Tirith often find themselves interacting with one another.  In one of the many taverns of Minas Tirith, soldiers as well as other patrons gather to enjoy themselves in conversation and friendly interactions.

OOC details:

This event is open to non-kinmembers and kinmembers alike.  We suggest you join the whitetree (/joinchannel whitetree) before attending the event or check our website ( case of the event of delays or cancelations.  Also feel free to message an officer of The People of Minas Tirith for more information.  

Also note that this is a human event.  Very rarely were Dwarves, Elves, or Hobbits seen in Minas Tirith.  Typically we prefer Gondorians, but a few Rohirrim or so on are alright.  We are very happy to have outsiders join our event, but as long as you keep it limited to humans. 

Please keep chat in-character as much as you can and leave OOC conversations to individual fellowships, the whitetree channel, or tells.  Please avoid forced or repetitive emotes.  If you wish to cause trouble ICly, that is happily welcome, but please try not to cause trouble OOCly.   Also, keep entertainment such as songs, stories, poems, and so on to lore.  Things you'd hear spoken or talked of in Gondor.  

Above all though our biggest rule is have fun.  That is what RP is about, isn't it?  Feel free to come and enjoy yourself.  You are also free to use this sort of event as a trial if you're considering making a permanent character in Minas Tirith.  For those of low levels, you can use Mithril Coins to travel to Minas Tirith.

(Splintered Shield is located in the second tier of Minas Tirith at (67.4 S, 18.8W W).  Please come by)



Eglanien, Lheinel, Bregdys, and Landrem

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