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Entry 19. How I Met You




I showed you the bruises across my back. Overlapping thick layers of blue, violet and purple.

After a brief silence, you said they were beautiful. Like a sad painting.  

I could not see them, but I wanted to believe you.   

You asked why I had fallen down from that tree.

I said I had spread my arms, thinking my legs around the tree would hold me high.

You stared at me, silent.

I asked who you were.

You said you were the owner of the tree.  

I told you I was Fiona.

You said you would call me Apple.

Your moss green eyes made me feel dizzy.

You asked if I was alright.

I said I felt as if I was falling in love with you.

You said we had met only a brief moment ago.

I asked if it was a problem.

You said "No".

And kissed me.