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Forty-Five Mittens


Wynwyn was a young woman who had lost a mitten. It was not the first mitten she had lost, but in fact the forty-fifth one. Patient in her search she turned every stone, snow pile and horse’s hoof.


Mittens were not the only thing she had lost. She had lost her parents as well. Now parents are a more serious thing to lose than mittens. For example you can not knit new parents after you have lost the first pair. There are other disadvantages to losing one’s parents as well. Such as: absolutely dreadful melancholy and utterly hopeless loneliness.


So, young Wynwyn had lost her parents and forty-five mittens. She was sad, lonely and without proper protective handwear. Quite a hopeless situation wouldn’t you think? Well not as hopeless as you might dread, my dear reader.


It was not a coincidence she was named Wynwyn (Joy Joy). You see, she was born smiling in this world, scaring even the midwife with her queer expression at the moment of her entrance. It was common knowledge babies did not know how to smile. But she did, and the smile never quite faded from her face. Even midst moments that would have required obligatory sulking, the corners of her lips remained stubbornly aligned upward, as if they would have simply refused to find misery in the evidently sorrowful situation.

Guided by her lips she left the family’s farm in search for a new better life. Her father had told her stories about an uncle who lived in the distant town of Forlaw. She remained unsure if her father had spoken of his uncle or her uncle, but is there really a difference between those? …...Yes, there is. But that is for her to later find out.