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TCOS - The Crown of Souls (bi-weekly)

An ancient artifact known as The Crown of Souls may be the evil wind that brings down a storm. Only a few know and try again and again to find out how to stop it.

-A RP-campaign run by oronir on a Bi-weekly basis on saturday or sunday.

Date:November 5th, 2016 - November 5th, 2017
Time:saturdays at 9pm Uk time
Location:currently : Breeland

Event details:

The mayor of Bree invited the knights of Knights of Eriador to investigate a kidnapping as the militia was stretched out with increased bandit activity. But the Bandits doing the kidnapping revealed a larger evil behind it all in the form of amulets. Some members undertook the tourney to Rivendell and asked permission to use the library to decipher some scrolls.


An ancient artifact known as The Crown of Souls that has some connection to the amulets found. On closer study, the crown is not just connected to the amulets and those that wear them, but it has some control over them. It seems like this is only a one-way control. Apparently the link between the amulet and the heart of the wearer prevents their soul from making it to the Hall of Mando. ? If these amulets have been found, the crown itself may be in the wrong hands.


OOC details:

have been running this event for the past 2 years within my kin - knights of Eriador - and it has been great fun. We have started chapter 3 of the tale and I have decided to open it up to whoever wants to join. You can join for only one event or get hooked for life :D, whatever you feel like.

When an event takes place I, or the running GM, captures the chat. Afterwards a volunteer rewrites the chat into a readable whole. We also gather any screenshots and add them to the finalized log.

For the full back story i refer to the Laurelin archive post :

The event is bi-weekly and mostly on Saturday depending on who shows up. Contact me if you are interested.




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