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A Long-Expected Party - A Tribute To Bilbo Baggins

Not so very long ago, in the sleepy town of Hobbiton the notable Mr. Bilbo Baggins was preparing his birthday celebration. Plenty of food and ale, a wizard doing fireworks, and the mysterious vanishing of the birthday boy at the end. Some claim on cool, clear nights, the sound of distant laughter ,music, and fireworks can still be heard around the old Party Tree 

Bilbo Baggins born on September 22 by Shire Reckoning in the year 2890 of the Third Age. He is the son of Bungo Baggins of Bag End, and Belladonna Took one of three remarkable daughters of the Old Took the twenty-sixth Thain of the Shire.

Belladonna Took was the ninth child, and eldest daughter, of Gerontius (the Old Took) and his wife Adamanta Chubb Took. She was born in 2852 of the Third Age. Belladonna and her sisters were considered remarkable among Hobbit-lasses. She married Bungo Baggins, and they settled down in the Hobbit-hole called Bag End he built for her. Belladonna's son Bilbo Baggins inherited her Tookish adventurousness. Belladonna was truly a remarkable hobbit, she served as head of the Took clan after the death of her husband Bungo, until her own death in 2934.

Bilbo's parents Belladonna Took and Bungo Baggins

After the death of his parents Bilbo inherited Bag End. The Shire folk at first considered  him very respectable as he originally seemed just like his father, a solid, sensible, unadventurous hobbit. But with the passing of the years he started to become "odd" and often left his home for many days to meet with strangers, including Dwarves and folk in Hobbiton became to gossip. 

Eventually a wizard named Gandalf came to believe that Bilbo was the ideal person for an important task he had at hand, for Bilbo was both small-sized and adventurous. Gandalf came to the Shire to visit him one sunny morning in 2941 while Bilbo sat outside his hobbit-hole : " I am looking for someone to share in an adventure " Bilbo goes on a quest to reclaim a lost treasure, finds the one magic ring, meets a dragon, and returns to the Shire a very wealthy hobbit.

Bilbo returns to Bag End to his very comfortable life, high in the regard of those who knew him best, but  also considered somewhat of an odd-ball by many in the Shire. In 2980 Bilbo adopted his young cousin Frodo Baggins as his heir, and raised him in Bag-End as a son. Most of his time is spent reading, writing his memoirs, writing poetry, and avoiding his annoying relatives the Sackville-Bagginses. For many years Bilbo hides the golden ring he had found unaware of its meanings and the power the ring had on him.


In September of 3001, Bilbo decide to have a spectacular party for his 111th birthday and Frodo's 33th. The party is still remembered today as the most expensive celebration ever to be held in the Shire,  attended by most hobbits in the area. The party included a huge amounts of food and drink, Gandalf the Grey provided fireworks for entertainment, and the presents given by Bilbo were made by the Dwarves of Erebor. During his party speech that Bilbo  famously vanished by wearing his magic ring.

It was time for him to go on a long holiday to Rivendell to finish his book. Bilbo only took with him his sword Sting, his mithril coat, and a dark green hood and cloak which had been given to him by Dwalin years before. He also wanted to take the ring with him as well but  Gandalf convinced him it was best to leave the ring in the Shire, for Frodo, along with Bag End and the rest of his possessions.Bilbo became the first of the ringbearers to willingly leave the One Ring to someone else.

Bilbo lived a good life of retirement in Rivendell: eating, sleeping, writing poetry, and working on his memoir, There and Back Again and wrote a book called Translations from the Elvish. When Frodo came to Rivendell seventeen years later, they reunited in the Hall of Fire. Bilbo attended the Council of Elrond to decide the fate of the Ring - he volunteered to destroy the ring however the task is entrusted to the younger Master Frodo, and in farewell Bilbo gave him Sting and his old mithril coat. 

In 3021 after the destruction of the One Ring Bilbo together with Frodo, Gandalf, Elrond and Galadriel travels to the Grey Havens where they all take a ship to the West on the 29th of September,  just seven days after  Bilbo's  131th birthday. 

On behalf of the Laurelin Community, we wish Mr. Bilbo and Master Frodo a very happy Birthday ! May the hair on your feet never fall out!


Article by Amorey - Laurelin Archives Webteam

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