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Where The Great River Flows - A Journey Along Anduin

Let us continue our journey along the Mighty Anduin and discover the many lands it crosses and the many stories it tales.The river was also known as the Langflood to the ancestors of the Rohirrim, and as we have seen it is the longest in Middle-earth during the Third Age with an estimates total length of 1,388 miles 


Here lies Eorlsmead, an area within this part in Rhovanion. Established on the highest rise in the rolling plains of Eorlsmead, the Rohirrim village of Stangard keeps its watch over the region. Though many men who serve at Stangard have been sent here as punishment for petty crimes, the village remains fiercely loyal to Rohan and Théoden, their king. Here the first taste of Rohan and its customs awaits the weary traveler. 

The Entwiives Gardens - Brown Lands

During the First Age, a stretch of land along the Great River was home to Entwives and their beautiful gardens. It is believed that the Brown Lands were devastated by the power of Sauron himself nearly 3,000 years ago during the War of the Last Alliance. Before that, many beautiful gardens were tended by the Entwives here though little evidence of them now remains.


Many years have passed since the height of Rohan’s strength along the Great River and Orcs and spiders have returned to the Wailing Hills not far from the village of Stangard, and within the murky marshland of the Rushgore, ruthless brigands, once only a nuisance, have become a threat to the region.

A treacherous marshland, the Rushgore serves as the buffer between the fields of Parth Celebrant and the bleak Brown Lands. The eastern end of the Rushgore is one of the few places at which the Anduin can be crossed without the aid of boats. The Wold is in our reach. This is the least populated part of Rohan. Nomadic Men of Rohan  graze their cattle on the vast open plains facing many orc-raids of late.

Article by Amorey - Laurelin Archives Webteam


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