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Unexpected in the Vale

Fiontann had received word from Hir Khalis through the ranger Ruadan that his old friend was looking for him and before long they were both stood on the slope leading into the hidden vale. The Captain and Hiril Elisbeth had just been speaking to Sigfread watched on by his young apprentice Ayiana. The exchange of words between Hiril Elisbeth and the young ranger Sigfread to an outsider would seem heated, but Khalis understood that Elisbeth viewed the ranger past trangression against the elves as though it happened yesterday. To elves the passage of time is much different to that of mankind. The young ranger had betrayed Imladris in favour of menkind when he had travelled with a mercinary company as their guide. The northmen would never be denied passage into the Hidden Vale, but neither would the past ever be forgotten. Sigfread did then take himself and his apprentice to the far end of the vales guest housing.

It had been many months since Khalis did speak with his friend, and once more Khalis was reminded how fast the lives of men pass by. This man had travelled widely having seen much in his mature years and was a very much different man to that Khalis first met all those decades ago. Although the Lady Elisbeth still seemed to think that Khalis should spend his time more wisely than speaking with him, something she was oft to remind him of, she gave him time to speak further with him. Khalis walked with Fiontann towards the halls in the vale below and they spoke of many things including the need for men in this age to take action. As they crossed the bridge over the falls of the Bruinen a keen eared elf might have had him refer to menfolk that already serve the Lord of the vale and their part with the Rangers in the wild….safe guard the north….

They agreed to speak further before he left the vale.