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Guild of Artisans and Traders

Founding date 22/6/16
Main area of operations Bree-Land
Organisation type Guild
Racial type Mixed
Organisation teaser A guild for the workers of Bree-Land
Organisation status Active



((Below are some examples of guild that members can join, but more can be added if people want.))


Guild of Armourers: Maille workers, shield wrights, weapon crafters.

Guild of Cooks:

Guild of Drapers: Clothes makers, embroiderers, weavers.

Guild of Engineers: Engineers, tinkerers, inventors, architects, builders.  

Guild of Farmers: Sheperds, crop farmers etc.

Guild of Fletchers and Bowyers:

Guild of Jewellers and Artificers: Whitesmiths, coinstrikers, jewellers and other artists.

Guild of Leatherworkers: Leather tanners and leather workers.

Guild of Musicians: Bards, bands and actors.

Guild of Physicians and Barber Surgeons: Doctors, surgeons etc.

Guild of Science and Research: Alchemists, astrologers, atronomers, chemists etc.

Guild of Scribes: Scribes, scriveners, clerks, copyists, cartographers, illuminators, illustrators, painters and notaries.

Guild of Smiths: Metalworkers and tool makers.

Guild of Traders:

Guild of Woodworkers: Joiners, turners and carpenters.


Claery: Guild of Cooks

Otarr: Guild of Engineers

Hutwig 'Twiggy' Twigs: Guild of Farmers

Genea Itzahk, Giver of Treasure: Guild of Merchants

Ynel: Guild of Merchants

Eckbert: Guild of Physicians and Barber Surgeons

Tarthanir: Guild of Physicians and Barber Surgeons

Tychoric: Guild of Science and Research

Nogfrid Anvettssen: Guild of Woodworkers


((OOC details: The basic concept behind this is that it is likely within the social structure of Bree that there would be a number of guilds that would manage the different trades and business of the land. What they would have done is control rules on prices of good or services and so on, but the idea behind this is to bring together those that are interested in rping as an artisan or trader in Bree-Land, and hopefully increase the amount of rp  going on, as well as offering rp that can actually take part outside of the Pony. It will allow workers to interact with each other, as well as making it easier for others to hire them. If you are interested in joining or have any questions, please IM me in game or message me on here.))

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