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Spotlight On Middle-Earth : Lórien of the Blossom Dreams

The fairest Elf-kingdom in Middle-earth today can be found in the Golden Wood just to the east of the Misty Mountains beyond the Gates of Moria. We call this place Lothlorien, the 'land of blossoms dreams' but it is also known as Lórien 'dreamland', and Laurelindórenan 'land of the valley of singing gold'.

In this wooded realm the golden-leaved, silver-barked Mallorn trees grows. They are the fairest trees of Middle-earth and upon their branches the Elves of Lothlorien who are also called Galadhrim or 'tree people', make their homes on platforms called telain or flets.  The Galadhrim are mostly invisible to untrained eyes for the move about among the high branches and wears grey Elf-cloaks enchanted with magical qualities making them invisible

In Lothlorien the Noldor Queen Galadriel and the Sindar King Celeborn rule in the great city-palace called Caras Gladhon, the 'city of trees' on the crest of a high hill where the tallest tree in the Golden Wood stands. Near the top of the hill is a wide lawn with a fountain shimmering in it. The fountain is lit by silver lamps that swing from the trees, and the water spill into a basin of silver, from which a white stream came forth. On the south side of the lawn is the mightiest of the mallorn trees, upon which is a broad white ladder. The hill is walled and gated and then encircled with other great trees. Lothlorien is also protected by a powerful enchantment. Galadriel is today the highest ranking Eldar remaining in Middle-earth and by the power of her ring Nenya , she has casted a spell of protection around Lothlorien, so enemies will not enter and the Elf-kingdom will remain invisible from the growing evil  rising in the east. 

Guarded by the strong bows of the Galadhrim and protected by the power of Nenya, Lórien remains the closest of all the Elvish realms to the enemy. At the same time, it remains as pure and inviolate as any land can be in Middle-earth, resembling its namesake Gardens of  *Lórien in Valinor . In these evil times, Lórien will continue to resist, in body and soul, the coming Darkness, until the last ship sails to the Undying West.

*The true Lórien is a far more ancient place in the Undying Lands across the sea. Lórien meaning 'Dreamland' is a vast garden of extraordinary beauty in southern Valinor. It is the garden of the Vala, Irmo who is often called Lórien, the Master of Dreams. It is a gentle, restful place, filled with the tallest trees and a multitudes of flowers. The waters of its crystal fountains magically refresh all visiting Valar and Eldar.  In the midst of this most beautiful of gardens are the glimmering waters of the lake Lorellin and in the midst of that lake is the isle of tall trees and gentle mists that is the the home of Este The Healer, the Vala who grants rest to those who suffer. 


Article by Amorey - Laurelin Archives Webteam

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