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Aevilok Hersveit

Founding date
Goal To safeguard Rhudaur, and it's Lord.
Main area of operations Rhudaur
Kinship type Man

Clan Blackboar


The Iron Crown

Kinship status Active
Recruiting Officer(s)

Gorlakon Zorzimril


The Aevilok Hersveit is the personal Retinue of the Warlord Gorlakon, and will travel with him throughout his campaigns and adventures that are about Arnor, and Eriador. Those with a thirst to explore, battle, or those that just seek a glorious career, the Aevilok Hersveit would be the band of men and women to join. During Gorlakons exile, he was fairly known in Bree, his trade operations given over to some of the folk native to that town, when he came to his own. 



Gorlakon Warlord Gorlakon af Munso Man
Navdakel Navdakel Man
Zorzimril Zôrzimril Man

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