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The Songburrow Strollers


Founding date S.R. 1417 (August 2008)
Main area of operations The Shire, Buckland, Staddle, Bree-land
Organisation type Band
Racial type Hobbit
Music style(s) Folk-inspired, jigs, reels and ballads
Organisation status Active (not recruiting)
Contact Simbo, Lina, Tibba, Nimelia


Simbo Rumblebelly
A hugely charismatic figure, the smooth-talking and smooth-playing Master Rumblebelly is a self-taught musician of no small skill. Favouring the horn or the drums, his playing can best be described as energetic and larger than life. Simbo is the recently appointed Band Master.

Lina Willowwood
As modest as she is talented, has been playing with the Strollers for many years. With a fondness for spontaneity and impromptu music making, her lute playing is at its best, both infectious and melodious.

Tibba Stoutfoot
Along with Nimelia, Tibba joined the Strollers to turn it from a three piece band into a four piece, resulting in a more fuller sound for the band.

Nimelia Stoutfoot
With a fondest for tools, Nimelia also demonstrated a talent for musical instuments too, and has been able to play a fine selection since joining the band.

Past Band Members (not currently playing)

Sevelda Quickettle
Miss Quickettle quickly become a firm favourite with the other band members after she joined. Known for her vigorous and complex harmonies using only the humble cowbell, she is able to turn her hand to a variety of instruments and musical genres.

Rowana Fairborn
With her roots in Songburrow stretching back several generations, Miss Fairborn is an amicable and knowledgeable figure. Well known for her concise but sometimes outlandish stories and accompanying song notes, she is one of the finest harp players in the Westfarthing.

Bootsy Frogfurlong
A keen passion for unearthing old and rare songs from across the Shire has enabled Miss Frogfurlong to posses an almost unfathomable depth of musical knowledge. She admirably fills the (rather large) boots left by Miss Featherfoot.

Lothilia Featherfoot
Well-known to all patrons of the Green Dragon in Bywater as the resident lute-player and part-time storyteller, she brings to the band many years of experience as well as a passion for music making of all kinds.


Who are the Songburrow Strollers?
The Songburrow Strollers are a small collective of hobbit musicians from the Grand Order of the Lost Mathom. They carry on the long held tradition of making music in the village of Songburrow in the Shire.

The Songburrow Strollers play fully in-character and can be considered a real group of part-time musicians in the Shire for RP purposes.

Can the band be hired for events?
We mostly play at our own gatherings or events in the Shire. It is also possible that we could play in Bree-land, but it would be unlikely if we would travel further afield, and only in exceptional circumstances. We don't ask for any money for our performances, but ask that you cover any travel costs and supply a generous amount of pies and ale (any further monies are completely at your discretion). For further information on any aspect of the band please contact one of the members with any questions.

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