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Founding date September 6th 2014
Goal Live. Toll. War.
Main area of operations The Misty Mountains, Vales of Anduin, Mirkwood Forest
Kinship type Man

Woodmen of Mirkwood


Orcs, wolves, and those that do not pay their toll.

Kinship status Active
Recruiting Officer(s)

Kolbjarn, Beorgarn, Hedinn


Over the cloud-wreathed peaks of the Misty Mountains, and down into the wide lands unto the Great River and the Mirkwood, there lives a hardy race of men. Tall, fair, noble, grim and some bad: the Beornings come in all shapes and sizes, but they each take Beorn to be their patriarch, and now his son, Grimbeorn the Old, as their ruling chief. Some even claim close kinship, and rumour speaks of the lore of skin-changing; but not even the very wise could tell you if that was more than just fear-mongering.

Venture to the High Pass, if you dare, and pay your toll. Barter for our legendary honey-cakes, if you are found worthy. And for those who are kin, gather at the Moot of Grimbeorn's lodge and partake in all matters from bears to bees!


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