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The Order of Hammer


Founding date Third age of Middle Earth
Main area of operations Rivendell
Organisation type An Order within the House of Vanimar
Racial type Elven
Organisation teaser Order of Hammer is the elite heavy infantry of The House of Vanimar.
Organisation status Active and recruiting


Veryacano: Lord, Master, Guardian

Tindir: Lord, Master, Guardian

Ancalasse: Lieutenant, Champion

Daegond: Sergeant Hound, Guardian

Turmagor: Sergeant, Champion

Estarfin: Warrior, Guardian

Turgamoth: Warrior, Champion

Celephindir: Warrior, Champion

Naergon: Warrior, Guardian    

HimwenWarrior, Warden   

Fingolrin: Warrior & Aide to the Lord, Guardian

Brasseniel: Warrior, Guardian

Annunghil: Warrior, Champion

Makilinde: Warrior, Champion

Raolor: Warrior, Champion

Makanare: Warrior, Champion

SargielWarrior, Champion

Ceuro: Warrior, Champion

Losgael : Warrior, Champion

Taminniel: Recruit, Guardian

Orommen: Recruit, Champion

Maikanaro: Recruit, Guardian

Daelith: Hound, Champion(Deceased) 

Darnur: Warrior, Champion (Deceased)

Lossehelin: Messenger, Hunter (Deceased)

Themodir: Warrior, Guardian (Deceased)

And many others..


Order of The Hammer of Wrath


Bar-en Vanimar has formed the Order of Hammer, after the House of Hammer of Wrath in order to organize Vanimar's warriors into an elite unit and also to carry on the memory and traditions of Gondolin at the same time.

Order of Hammer shall consist of the elite Champions and Guardians of the Eldar under the banner of Bar-en Vanimar. Loyalty and Valour shall be our virtues! War and metalsmithing our profession!

Champions of Eldar, Guardians of Eldar, you are all summoned to the Order of Hammer! Those who prove themselves worthy, shall be a part of Hammer of Wrath and the banner of Vanimar shall fly high. I Veryacano of Noldor, Guardian to Anglachelm, am the Master of this Order, under command of the Tur himself. Might of our Order shall be great, our steel shall be strong! Order of Hammer shall soon strike fear into the enemies hearts!


"They won the greatest glory of all those fair houses in that struggle against doom." – The Book of Lost Tales Part 2, The Fall of Gondolin


The House of the Hammer of Wrath was one of the houses of the kindred of Gondolin. They were great smiths and craftsmen, and revered Aulë. In battle they carried great maces like hammers, and heavy shields, for they had strong arms. The device of this people was the Stricken Anvil, and a hammer that smites sparks about it; this was set upon their shields, for red gold and black iron was their delight. They had a great hatred for Morgoth and the Balrogs, and during the Fall of Gondolin they slew a number of the fell beasts, being the first of Elves and Men alike to slay a balrog.

Lord of the House of Hammer of Wrath was Rog of Gondolin. He was a blacksmith, and chief of the Folk of the Hammer of Wrath. He was considered the strongest of the Noldor, and was like considered third greatest in valour. He led his people against the balrogs and orcs during the Fall of Gondolin after the Gate was broken. Later during the battle he stirred his kindred against the Balrogs with words of passion, and though many were slain, they slew a number of the fiery creatures "that... was a marvel and dread to the hosts of Melko, for ere that day never had any Balrogs been slain by the hand of Elves or Men". But the House of the Hammer of Wrath were hemmed in, and every one of them perished, including Rog.


Then up leapt Rog of the Hammer of Wrath and called in a great voice, "Who now shall fear the Balrogs for all their terror? See before us the accursed ones who have tormented the children of the Noldoli and now set a fire at our backs with their shooting. Come ye of the Hammer of Wrath and we will smite them for their evil." Then the men of the Stricken Anvil came behind like a wedge, and sparks came from their eyes from the fury of their rage. A great deed was that sally, and many Orcs were born backwards into the fires below.


Rog and his men leapt even upon the coils of the great serpents and came at those balrogs and smote them grievously and battered them into nought or, catching at their whips, wielded them against them, and they tore them, even as aforetime they had torn the Gnomes. And the number of Balrogs that were slain were a marvel and a dread to the host of Melkor, for ere that day never had any Balrog been slain by man or elf. And Gothmog ordered thus, a few Balrogs came before the men of the Hammer and fell before them, but a great number contrived to come behind them so that Rog could not win back to the city without great slaughter among their troops. Yet Rog, seeing this, essayed not to win back but to fall on those whose part was to fall before him, and they fell back, no longer out of craft but out of dire need. Down onto the plain were they harried and their shrieks rent the air of the vale of Tumladen. Then the folk of Rog went about, hewing and smiting the astonished bands of Melko, till they were hemmed at last by an overwhelming band of Orcs and Balrogs, and a fire drake was loosed upon them. There did they perish, hewing to the last until iron and flame overcame them, and it is sung that each of the Hammer of Wrath took seven foemen to pay for his own. None of the Hammer of Wrath lived ever to carry the tale from the city...


Hammer Order's official Coat of Arms.

((OOC: This organization is created solely for Roleplaying and Socialization purposes! We will roleplay this organization in kinship events and we will also organize our own little RP events. This organization is only for members of the kinship of Vanimar. Those who wish to join must:

-Be a member of the kinship of Vanimar.

 -Be either Champion, Guardian or warden class.

-Prove themselves in combat. This will be a RP trial of sparring or fighting NPCs, this will only be a tradition to Roleplay over in the Order.

As the original House of Hammer of Wrath, wielding hammers and maces is NOT a requirement. You may wield any weapon of your choice. Metalsmithing within the order is optional but greatly encouraged. Official color of Order of Hammer is Black. Members are encouraged to use black dye on their outfits in our RP events. The main color, black dye shall be supplied by myself to members. Secondary colors of the Order are Red and Gold, which may be applied to shoulders, helmets, boots, gloves or cloaks. Again, this organization within Vanimar is only being created to create Roleplaying opportunites and improve socialization and friendship. Those who are interested in joining Vanimar and/or the Order of Hammer, please contact us via PMs or the Vanimar website.

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