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My Diary - Dragons, Rain Drops, And Fairies

As we came back to home late last night it started to rain. The smell of burning wood from fireplaces hovered over the fresh scent of cool rain thickening against my skin  and taped on the windows of The Plough And Stars  in a calming and soothing rhythm, that made me, Benni and Sandi sleepy after a big party at The Green Dragon. It is now morning, and it is still raining . The clouds are dark and swollen with the promise of more rain and I am sitting here, on my window sill and  let my eyes relax and comfortably look out over the sleepy village of Brockenborings on an early Sutarday morning.I love getting the room  warm, Mrs Tubwort is making stu, it will slow cook  all day filling the inn with the lovely smell of meat and vegetables, there is no need to rush, I can just relax and spend  the day in my night tunic, writing music, painting, or even just dreaming of little Miluy.  



Tonight me and Tahitoa will travel to Oldfurlong  to play some music and see some other hobbites.  Tahi came back home  holding a lovely  pie Acorne made for him last night. He did not say much  ( as always ) but he looked happy.  The mail this morning  came in the form of a small parcel and a few letters.  Lina sent me a lovely custard-yellow cloak and some green dye  to thank me for  playing at the party last night, was very kind of her.  Two more letters from Bramblebury,  hobbits replying to the invitations I sent. Shire Rose is already two years old, time really flies. Peppy will  come at the Anniversary Concert, which is nice for, after all, he and his cousin Byco were some of the founding members .


A little mouse watching me and Tahi play last night

Was a lovely party last night, just very busy, lots of hobbits and even dwarves, but all had a nice  time. I am sure Lina was very happy  ( but tired ) after the long night, we all were. Bovso and Almonda were there too, which was really wonderful , only Dinkum came a bit late , we left him all the washing up to do and  last time I saw him he was grumbling about dirty plates and mugs holding a brush and a sponge.  And here is a new day in the Shire. a beautiful rainy day.  I opened my window letting the fresh  and humid air come in. Rain falling gently , calming  drips , kissing my skin with every drop making me feel on top of the world, the sound of it beating against the roof  and the ground makes me feel as if I'm listening to a  sweet melody play. This is the Shire,  my home, rain.


Benni told me to remember to take some time for myself , try not to work too hard or think about things that make me sad.  He said that if people really want to be in our lives, they stay, no matter what, they will stay couse they care and want to be there. If people just ‘vanish’ it means they never really wanted to be there and do not care about us. He is right, I know, but it still makes me sad when people I know just disappear like old Bilbo did on his famous 111th  birthday party .  I told Ally about the dream, about Miluy , I told her I think I am not a good elf, then again, I am not really a very good hobbit. Ally said I am not one or the other, but rather a strange mix of the two, which would  make me a very strange creature, I guess.

But the family legend still stands ( at least in our clan )  that Took lad that is said to have married a ‘fairy’ (or maybe an elf) . I do like that old family tale,  I often think that maybe ‘faiers’ tis just another name for elves. But what are fairies ?  In me head I think about them like fair and beautiful creatures with pointy ears  that lives in the woods and forests and  able to make yes, very much like an elf. It is  often said (mostly in other families that loves gossip) that we Tooks must have some elvish blood: which is, of course totally  absurd, but there is  undoubtedly something ‘odd’ about us, something not quite hobbitlike, according to the manners of the Shire: an outlandish strain maybe from long ago. Every now and again Tooks would go off on adventures. They disappeared, and the family hushed it up, making up stories the vanished hobbit had gone to fetch some cheese and got lost in  the cellar or sumething like so.  Maybe tis  because of this that I like to dream about Miluy or maybe, just maybe, this hobbit  may be quite  ready for another adventure...