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Bramblebury Gazette


Founding date September 2010
Main area of operations the Shire
Organisation type a newspaper
Racial type Hobbit
Organisation teaser Your best source of independent Shire news
Organisation status Active



De editorial staff consists of:

Bovso Oakengates

Byronbrand Stepwise

Peppy Bristlebrush

Tibba Stoutfoot

Yllisa Greenflower


The Bramblebury Gazette was founded at the same time as it's namesake, the Shire Homestead of Bramblebury, by Yola Plumblossom and Byronbrand Stepwise. Their goal was to inform the new inhabitants of Bramblebury of news and upcoming events. Soon there was much interest from outside Bramblebury as well and the Gazette started to cover news and events from the entire Shire.

After the mysterious disappearance of Miss Yola, her brother Peppy took over her duties and kept the Gazette in business. He added a reader's letters section and the Art's Corner, containing works of art, like songlyrics, poems and paintings from hobbits all over the Shire.

When Peppy left the Gazette's offices to work on a new project, Byronbrand hired Bovso, Tibba and Yllisa to help continue the work. But after the failure of the new project Peppy re-joined the editorial staff.

To learn more and to learn about the latest news in the Shire, hurry to your nearest vendor and ask for your copy of the Bramblebury Gazette! Now also available in Buckland, Bree, Staddle and Combe.


((You can follow the Gazette @Brambleburian or write to us

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