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Barefoot Bootleggers

Founding date 1421 Shire Reckoning (May 2012)
Main area of operations The Shire, Buckand and Bree
Organisation type A Band
Racial type Hobbit
Music style(s) Forrin' music and tributes to the good ol' days
Organisation status Active (not recruiting)

Tallic Chryssie


Tallic Wiggletoes-Newbuck

Chryssie Trueaim

Akelay Shrubland

Adrean Rumblebelly

Ryngo Shrubland


Whilst rummaging through the chests of their recentley bought burrow, Chryssie and Tallic stumbled upon a dusty old book.  Contained within were musical notes from forrin' lands and a forgotten age.  So intrigued were they by these strange tunes, they enlisted the help of Adrean and Akelay and set about performing them for all free folk to enjoy.

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