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Death and destruction haunts Bree-land!

Recent Angmarim incursion in Bree-land spreads death and destruction throughout the land.

Elves Wed Under Starlight

As night falls on Lothlórien, two Elves exchange vows and give love to each

Rumours from Elven Lands

A controversial shift in leadership among the elves of Vanimar; will it bring war or peace?

Uncovered Lore Causes Concern

Recent discovery by Dwarves stirs mixed feelings among Elves.

News Disappears! Reporters Needed!

Roll up, roll up! Where is the latest news?! What are the latest rumours?! Noone seems to know! News is freezing up like the Brandywine River during the Fel Winter! All those with news for the masses are implored to direct it to ourselves! Marauding Orcs?! Lack of Crops?! Bad Ale?! Mysterious disappearences?! You name it, the people will want to hear it!

Chaos at the Repository!

The Grey Repository lies in disorganisation and files and papers are everywhere! The scribes are unsure where to place papers and information forms and references are failing one after the other.

What can be done?!

Ancient repository opens its doors

The mysterious Grey Repository of Rivendell has opened its doors in light of recent events! With the encroaching shadow in the east and the diminishing of elves, the ancient repository is no longer safe in Rivendell. Read the pamphlet for all the details!