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The Games Are On !

The annual Harnkegger Games, a festival of Dwarvish origin are on! The games were officially opened by Lord Kandral Strongbeard of Khuzd Belkul last night followed by two  exciting horse races and a fishing contest. 


Autumn In The Valley

Rivendell, the hidden valley of the elves, is  one of the most Important Elven settlement in Middle-earth. Here  weary travelers will find refuge in a peaceful and serene environment.

Growing Concerns From The North Shire

News are reaching us this week  from the village of Dwaling , in the North Shire,  a once renowned lovely hobbit hamlet, famous for the local glass production, in happiest times hobbit glass-blowers used to go down to the beaches of Brandywine River to collect sand for their craft , but there is news of growing unrest in the area.

Missing merchant Marcwic Fairbanks found dead!

After bounty hunters found body of good merchant at Ost Alagos, we ask ourselves are roads and paths still safe to travel, or is this the final blow to Bree economy and spirit?

Rumours of hope in Ered Luin

Elves and Dwarves join forces in Ered Luin, isolated event or a sign of things to come?

Conflict in the North

Mercenaries and evil tools of Angmar collide to the north! The Red Witch punishes the Covenant as they rest on her border!

Shadow Versus Shadow - Battle with the Red Witch

The ongoing battle between The Shadow Blades, and The Red Witch continue. Is the battle being won? Or will Angmar soon taint Bree-land more than it can recover from?

Constant Crisis, will Bree be brought to ruin?

Random attacks and unexplainable mischief in Bree-land, who is to blame? And who could be the solution?

Fatal Bequest - Thousandfold Disarray in the North

Disappearances, attacks and mystifying phenomena have been reported in the north. Imladris warns all those who stride upon the Mountains of Mist or beyond them.

Warm hearths and fine fellowship

The year has waned and the chill winds blow. Wandering Companies have returned to warm and welcoming hearths.