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Spotlight On Middle-Earth : Eregion

Eregion is located in Eriador along the western side of the Misty Mountains. Today this land lays beautiful and wild. Eregion or Hollin in the tongue of Men was once a great kingdom of the Noldorin Elves during the Second Age. This beautiful land, now wild and almost deserted, has a glorious past and pivotal role in the history of Middle-earth  

The Fellowship Of Laurelin

Suddenly a single clear bell rung out across the Valley. That was the warning call for the Council. Elves, Men, Dwarves and Hobbits walked along the winding path back the Great Library. An Elven guard led the guests inside and then back out on a beautiful veranda facing the Valley below bathed in the golden light of a new sunrise. The gentle sound of bubbling water came up from the fast-flowing streams, rivers and foaming waterfalls.

Spotlight On Middle-Earth : Lake Mirrormere

Awesome wilderness scenery, waterfront wildlife, and incredibly calm waters make Mirrormere Lake a surprisingly great place to sit and look at the stars and mountains reflecting on its surface. Situated in the Dimrill Dale east of Khazad-dum this ancient lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in Middle-earth where ancient tales and legends were born.

Yuletide In Middle-Earth

As snow is gently falling in Middle-earth celebrations for the Yuletide season are well under way . The Annual Grand Elven Ball in Rivendell marked the official beginning of Yule. Elves from across the land gathered for a glistening night of music, merriment, and dance. From the Shire to Thorin's Hall and Bree folk are getting ready to celebrate the season together.


The Arrival Of Winter

The northern regions of Breeland and the Shire experienced mild winter conditions this morning.The early arrival of winter has prompted people to wear warm clothes before the temperature begins to plunge. Meanwhile Elven torchbearers walked through the night as the ancient festival of Laitairín ( the arrival of winter ) came to life.

An Unexpected Discovery

Hobbits in the Shire have uncovered an old door by The Party Tree in what is described as the most important find for generations. Specialists say this could be evidence of a fabled treasure Mr Bilbo Baggins is said to have hidden deep underground, in a network of tunnels under his former residence Bag End.


Golden Autumn In Middle-Earth

Everywhere you turn the Autumn season is in full colors. While crops are harvested in fields and orchards across the lands, people will celebrate the season with a variety of annual events involving musical dances, eating and drinking, theatrical performances, horse racing and more.

Gondor - The Pearl Of The South

The Warning Beacons of South-Western Gondor have been lit as the arduous path to the South is finally opening today. This is a great time to visit some of the more picturesque locations in Gondor, The Pearl Of The South!

The Gates Of Summer Are Open !

Some of Middle-earth's biggest summer events got off to glorious starts last week as forecasters have predicted it will be warm and dry for the beginning of summer season.

Stolen Paintings Found In The Shire

Two stolen paintings by a very famous artists hung in a simple hobbit living room for nearly 10 years -- without the hobbit knowing just how valuable they were.